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We host bi-weekly classes, annual events, and more throughout the year! We hope you can join us at one of our events! 

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Lead Team


Lead Director

Samantha Harris



また、Across The World Adoptionsの中国養子縁組プログラム・ディレクターとして国際養子縁組に携わり、現在はジョージア州フェイエットビルのグレース教会でキッズディレクターとして働いています。




Samantha’s background is sprinkled with a variety of interests and occupations. She has a B.A. from Columbia College Chicago and has enjoyed using her creative talents in the theatre and dance world for many years.

She has also worked in international adoption as the China Adoption Program Director at Across The World Adoptions as well as currently being on staff at Grace Church in Fayetteville, GA as the Children’s Ministry Director.


Samantha is married to Dave Harris who works for Toppan and together they have two children. For fun, Samantha enjoys camping, exercising, and gardening! 

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Lead Director

Naoko Uechi



Naoko currently homeschools her two lively teens. She enjoys spending time with her kids every day: learning and growing together. 
Love of teaching and learning is reflected in Naoko’s schooling and work. She majored in education; then taught at a private Christian school for several years while working as an interpreter for a local business. She studied counseling and psychology in graduate school while working as an international students’ advisor and recruiter at a private high school. She also worked for two major airlines in sales, revenue management, and network planning. 


Naoko enjoys reading and traveling. She also enjoys engaging in either a light or deep conversation with family and friends.

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