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Glow Kidsキャンプが7/27(木)〜7/29(土)に開催されます。歌やゲーム、バイブルスタディで楽しい時間を過ごします。


場所: Grace Church

164 Flat Creek, Tr, Fayetteville, GA 30214

時間:7月27日~29日 from 午前10時~午後1時


➡️歳: 0-12 years old


➡️ 4歳以下のお子様、ぜひグローキャンプにご宿泊ください 👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👦ご宿泊をお願いします😊。


Glow Kids Camp is July 27-29, and we would love for your child(ren) to join us!

Kids Camp will be a time of songs, games, Bible stories, and fun! Saturday, we will have a family picnic with a small performance by the kids. Please bring obento lunches and drinks for your family each day!

Location: Grace Church, Fayetteville

164 Flat Creek Tr, Fayetteville, GA 30214

Time: July 27-29 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.


➡️Ages: 0-12 years old

➡️Kids 5 & up can stay without a parent-We have plenty of helpers at Glow Camp to take care of them.

➡️Kids 4 & under, we would like you to stay at Glow Camp with your child 👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👦 Please Stay😊.

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